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Licensing & Help

Licensing & Help

I license images for any use, including advertising, corporate, promotional, editorial illustration in newspapers, magazines and books, web, media and presentations. In this archive I represent only my own images so I know my collection well. I can let you know if I have the stock images you are requesting within seconds, and then suggest quickly the right images, as well as provide extensive informations.

Licenses for the image usage can be easily acquired. With the link »Buy Photo« on (almost) each picture, you can calculate the price for your individual use. Discounts will be given for multiple image use. Please make an individual request for it (see the section »Multiple Photos« below). I don't grant free licenses solely in exchange for credits or links.

The order and delivery process is filly automated. You can order licenses even if I'm on tour or in the night. You can make the payment with your credit card or by bank transfer through PayPal, a secure online payment service (a PayPal account is not required). Immediately after the payment, you will automatically receive a email with a link to download your image(s). If required, other methods for payment are possible. A payment on account is for regular customers possible.

In this online archive you can download only high-resolution JPGs with 300dpi, in Adobe RGB and saved in high quality (Photoshop 10). If you need TIFFs, please contact me.

For any questions or concerns, you can contact me by email (, the contact page or use the »Request a Quotation« link from the image pricing screen. A full-time support is offered to all my customers. Whether for color corrections, retouching according to your needs, I'm always available to you.

Simple usage and fully functional for your commercial photography needs

  • Online instant price calculator for Rights-Managed images
  • LightBox function to save your photo selection and share with your client or friends
  • Advanced Search Features with support for german, common or scientific names of plants and animals
  • FREE Custom Research, contact me
  • Image download immediately available. Images are high res and ready for your job, now
  • High-Res unwatermarked comps available for a small download fee
  • Pay for images using Credit Card or Bank transfer with PayPal, a PayPal account is not required.

A useful tip to browse faster in the archive: On a image page you can use the LEFT (←) and RIGHT (→) keys on your keyboard, to navigate to the previous or next image in the category. With the TOP key (↑) you can go back to the gallery page.

How to Buy a Digital Image (6 simple steps)

  1. Choose an photo
  2. Click on »Buy Photo«, left of the photo
  3. Choose the intended purpose, the duration and region for which you want to use the photo
  4. Register or login to your account
  5. Pay using a credit card or PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account)
  6. Go to the email and follow the instructions to download your image(s)

Sign up for free here ➔

If you haven't already signed up for a FREE PhotoDeck Account, you can do so now to take advantage of creating, saving, sharing your lightboxes and order images. With one account you can use this functions on all PhotoDeck-powered websites.

Multiple Photos

If you want license multiple images, you can use the free lightbox function. Put all your photos in which you are interested in a lightbox. Then, on the lightbox page below, is the link »Request a quotation for this selection«, which you can send a collection price request. Discounts are given for multiple image use.

Discounts for non-profit organizations, students and teachers

Students, teachers and non-profit organizations can receive discounts (50-80% of my normal licensing rates). Please note, that a proof of entitlement is needed.

Can I get an image in advance for layout purposes or for a client presentation without watermark?

Images can be acquired for layout purposes by using the price calculator (»License Image«). Just select the "Layout Comp Use" option. The layout version is provided in two sizes (Low-Res and High-Res), neither of which contains a watermark. The layout files are therefore perfect for client presentations. You are also able to see how an image is inserted into your layout without any visual hindrances. To prevent misuse, the layout files are charged at a small download fee. The layout file can be downloaded at the end of the ordering process. Please note that the download fee is not subtracted from any licensing costs that may be incurred later.


Search Tips

You can search in the archive with english and german search terms. The following operators (in capital letters) can you use to optimize your search:

  • "Apple Orange" OR "Apple AND Orange" will return all images that have both words in their metadata
  • "Apple OR Orange" will return images that have either the "Apple" word or the "Orange" word in their metadata.
  • "Kid OR Child AND Male" will return images of boys (the "AND" is optional)
  • "Landscape Death Valley" will return images with the words "Landscape", "Death" and "Valley" in their metadata (the "AND" is the default operator in phrases with multiple words)